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Dear Colleagues and Health Industry Representatives:

We plan to bring our 4th Annual International Pedia Mediterranea Conference, in person, May 12-13, 2022. The conference will be held in collaboration with Istinye University in Istanbul and University of Duhok in Duhok.

The 4th Annual International Pedia Mediterranea conference will explore New Challenges in the field of pediatrics, delivering on the responsibility of caring for children. As Pediatricians and global citizens, we believe that every child deserves a future, a fair chance, and a safe childhood.

“Whoever they are, wherever they live, every child deserves a safe childhood, a future and a fair chance” will be the theme of the 4th Annual International Pedia Mediterrnea conference.

This exciting conference will feature a unique collaboration between healthcare clinicians and academicians working in the field of Pediatrics all over the world. We will host a distinguished list of international speakers in Pediatric and Neonatal care from Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Palestine, Qatar, Romania, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA

The 4th International Pedia Mediterranea Conference is supported by the following Pediatrics Societies:

  1. Albanian Pediatric Society
  2. Bosnian Pediatric Society
  3. Dubai Pediatric Club
  4. Iranian Pediatric Society
  5. Iraqi Pediatric Society
  6. Society Italiana di Pediatria
  7. Society Italiana di Pediatria Ospedaliera
  8. Italian Romanian Pediatric Society
  9. Joint Iraqi Italian Pediatric Association
  10. Joint Italian Arabic Pediatric Society
  11. Pediatric Association of Republic of Kosovo
  12. Kuwait Pediatric Association
  13. Lebanese Pediatric Society
  14. Lybain Pediatric Association
  15. North Macedonian Pediatric Society
  16. Association for Preventive Pediatrics, Montenegro
  17. Moroccan Society of Pediatrics
  18. Pediatric Society, Palestinian
  19. Romania Pediatric Society
  20. Serbian Pediatric Society
  21. Sudani Pediatric Infectious and Tropical Diseases Association
  22. Turkish Pediatric Rheumatic and Kidney Disease Association

What makes the 4th International Pedia Mediterranea Conference unique is the prestigious support of the following Pediatric Academies, Universities, Pediatric Hospitals:

The following Universities and Academic institutes are supporting the event

  1. Al Hindia Hospital
  2. Altinbas University, Faculty of Medicine
  3. College of Medicine, Al-Qadisiah University
  4. Faculty of Medicine, University of Azerbaijan
  5. College of Medicine, Babylon University
  6. Al-kindy College of Medicine, Baghdad University
  7. Medicine College, Basrah University
  8. Dhi - Qar University
  9. College of Medicine, University of Duhok
  10. Egyptian Academy of Pediatrics
  11. Faculty of Medicine, Gaziantep University
  12. Hivi Pediatric Teaching Hospital
  13. Indian Academy of Pediatrics
  14. Istinye University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital
  15. School of Health Sciences, University of Georgia
  16. Istinye University Liv Bahçeşehir Hospital
  17. Dr. Jamal Ahmad Rashid Sulaymani Pediatric Teaching Hospital
  18. College of Medicine, Kufa University
  19. Liv Hospital Ulus
  20. Liv Hospital Vadistanbul
  21. Medipol University Hospital
  22. College of Medicine, University of Mosul
  23. College of Medicine, Nineveh University
  24. College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani
  25. Faculty of Medicine, Tınaztepe University
  26. College of Medicine, Tikrit University
  27. College of Medicine, University of Thi-Qar
  28. College of Medicine, Wasit University

On the behalf of the organizing committee of the 4th Annual International Pedia Mediterranea conference it gives us immense pleasure to invite all our colleagues in the field of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery and industry representatives.

Prof. Joseph Haddad
Honorary President
Prof. Khalaf Gargary
Conference President
Prof. Ozan Özkaya
Conference Co-President
  • Congress Start Date
    12 May 2022
  • Congress End Date
    13 May 2022
  • Paper Acceptance Date
    will be announced...
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
    will be announced...